Top Earning Louisiana Firms This Election Cycle

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BN: Lieutenant governor candidate Billy Nungesser (R)

BJ: Incumbent Gov. Bobby Jindal (R)

DAR: Incumbent Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne (R)

DH: Insurance commissioner candidate Donald Hodge (D)

JD: Incumbent Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon (R)

JT: Secretary of state candidate Jim Tucker (R)

MS: Incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain (R)

TH: Governor candidate Tara Hollis (D)

TS: Incumbent Secretary of State Tom Schedler (R)


Nungesser Consulting: $198,698 ($168,071, DAR) ($30,627, TS)

Teddlie Media Partners: $156,248 (JT, figure likely inflated due to inclusion of bundled media buys, meaning money to purchase advertising)

The Bautsch Group: $102,500 (BJ)

Matt Parker: $51,644 (campaign manager, BJ)

George Kennedy: $39,819 ($15,000, JD) ($24,819, DAR, campaign manager)

Timmy Teepell: $37,947 (BJ)

Jennifer LeBlanc & Associates: $34,912 (MS)

3 Lions Consulting: $32,600 (TS)

Amy Jones: $32,374 (campaign manager, BN)

The Political Firm: $30,000 (DAR)

Atticus Media: $28,635 (TS)

Sarah E. Collins: $28,250 (BN)

Fletcher Consulting: $20,000 (BJ)

Cynthia Dupree: $17,500 (BN)

Compose Digital: $16,253 ($11,000, JD) ($5,253, DAR)

Benoit & Benoit: $15,000 (BN)

Creative Marketing Sales: $15,000 ($5,000, MS) ($5,000, DH) ($5,000, TS)

Special Services Consulting: $10,500 (JT)

Gulf South Media: $7,100 (JT)

JKB & Associates: $6,003 (BJ)

Red Pelican Strategies: $5,000 (BN)

V. Martin & Associates: $5,000 (TS)

Analysano Research: $4,900 (BJ)

Category 5 Communications: $4,000 (BN)

JMC Enterprises: $2,900 (BJ)

Blackbird Media: $2,650 (JT)

Watts Communications: $2,500 (BN)

Sweet Lou Media: $2,400 (TH)

SOURCE: Louisiana Ethics Administration, based on reports filed between Jan. 1, 2011, to Oct. 15, 2011.