The Recycled Employee: Highlights From The Public Record

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Act 921 of the 2010 Regular Session added new reporting requirements for employers who rehire TRSL retirees. Those requirements took effect this year and employers had to submit reports to a set of legislative committees and TRSL in order to meet compliance.

The reports document all retirees employed on the date of January 1, 2011. They also include their related positions and earnings, which take the form of either contract fees, part-time payments by the hour or full-time salaries.

The reports were obtained through public records requests sent to and filled by the custodians of records for the Louisiana House of Representatives and Senate.

What follows are excerpts of who reported what among state agencies, higher education and those entities described as “other” by TRSL, with an added emphasis on highlighting non-educators.

Louisiana Department of Education

— 19 contract employees defined as “professional services”

— Top three contact amounts went to Sandra McClary, $49,980; Michele Crosby, $39,000; and Jane Mangum, $19,500

— Another eight full-time return-to-work employees were reported as well, including regional coordinators Winfred Ingalls, $6,666.66, per month and Linda Johnson, $7,366.67 per month

Board of Regents

— Four rehired retirees on the rolls including Sharon Southall, senior policy advisor, $10,416 per month; Harold Bouttee, assistant commissioner, $7,261 per month; Dawn Muscarello, special initiatives coordinator, $70 per hour; and part-time librarian Mary Connell, $15.72 per hour

Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

— Polly Broussard, part-time director of legal services, $39 per hour

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

— Seven contract employees defined as “8(g) evaluators”

— Top three contract amounts went to Marlene Ritter, $25,430; Anna Bernard, $24,640; and William Miller, $18,250

LSU System – Baton Rouge

— Charles V. Baglio, Jr., part-time coordinator of athletic program/activity/facility, $30.77 per hour

— James W. Finberg, part-time special assistant to the VP for AA, $150 per hour

— Carolyn H. Hargrave, LSU System chief of staff, $19,622.67 per month

— Chancellor David Manuel, LSU-Alexandria, $17,916.67 per month

— Ronald Mayeux, coordinator of non-academic area, $4,740.58

— Ora Milligan, part-time business manager, $22.35 per hour

— Robin Ann Montgomery, information technology analyst, $46,000 per month

— David G. Morrison, AgCenter part-time assistant vice chancellor, $84.58 per hour

— Sam Nader, assistant director of LSU Football, $10,125 per month

— Gerald Paul Robert, AgCenter county agent, $5,917.50

Nicholls State University

— George Caballero, banner conversion specialist, $5,416 per month

— James Hunter, tennis coach, $2,750 per month

— Enola Woods, residence hall director, $1,737


— Andrew Isca, public radio, $342 per year

— David Nicklas, VP for business affairs, $174,096 per year

— Ruby McCarthy, mail clerk, $9,410 per year

— Kirby Campbell, internal auditor, $73,700 per year

— Beverly Johnston, assistant budget officer, $58,968 per year

— Frances Self, assistant admissions director, $30,000 per year

— Charles Cook, architect in residence, $56,297 per year

University of New Orleans

— Joan C. Schlesinger, manager — concession/arena, $3,916 per month

— Louise Mount, cashier, $1,933

— Robert Louis Johnson, Jr., project manager, $4,500 per month

Southeastern Louisiana University

— Marvin Yates, vice president of student affairs, $11,072 per month

— Patricia Earhart, stock clerk, $8 per hour

— Maximillian Earhart, stock clerk, $8 per hour

McNeese University

— Lillie Wilson, coordinator, $3,389 per month

— Steven Welch, assistant coach, $1,026 per month

— James Collins, assistant head coach, $5,000 per month

Washington-St. Tammany Regional Medical Center

— Merlin Duke, coordinator of public information, $3,380 per month

E.A. Conway Medical Center

— John Russell, part-time chaplain, $10.50 per hour

LSU Medical Center – New Orleans

— Joy Conner, contractor, $3,150 contract value

— Robert A. Lewis, IT analyst, $5,971 per month