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Commentary: Obama High Speed Rail Plan Officially DOA

Commentary: Obama High Speed Rail Plan Officially DOA

Once the initial government subsidies end, states would be left to pay for the mammoth costs of a higher-speed version of the failing Amtrak model.

Proposed High-Speed Rail No Bargain for Louisiana

A feasibility study by Burk-Kleinpeter Inc. and HDR Engineering emphasizes the economic and social benefits of the proposed high-speed rail linking New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Currently under revision, the final report is due March 16. With an estimated 78% probability of having a positive return on investment, the study claims that the value creation [...]

Why Louisiana Should Not Build High-Speed Rail

President Obama has earmarked $8 Billion for high-speed rail as part of the stimulus package. Boosters of this plan claim that it would ease traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But is high-speed rail really the environmentally-friendly, efficient means of transportation its proponents say it is? And would a costly high-speed rail plan benefit [...]