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Record 47 Million Americans Now Receive Food Stamps
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Record 47 Million Americans Now Receive Food Stamps

Although food stamp participation rates typically increase during a recession, a new study demonstrates that the rate of growth between 2008 and 2012 is unique.

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Education Leaders Stunned by “Race to the Top” Outcome

Louisiana’s “inexplicable” failure to make top 12 raises questions about Obama administration’s commitment to reform Louisiana’s education leaders are wondering what more they can do to outperform other states in terms of reform. Louisiana failed to receive any funds in the federal “Race to the Top” program, and the lack […]


Commentary: Obama’s Renewed Commitment to Card Check a Cause for Alarm

The President has been busy catering to his union allies, even to the point of soliciting them for funding to keep Democrats in office in upcoming elections. As part of his appeal to unions for political and material support, the President promised reinvigorated efforts to muscle into law the “Employee […]

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Commentary: DISCLOSE Act an Affront to Constitution and National Character

This is a shameless attempt to stifle political competition while bolstering their power base (unions) and currying votes from selective special interest groups in preparation for mid-term elections.

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Commentary: Oil Spill Cleanup Requires Obama to Cut Red Tape and Ignore Special Interests

The federal government’s much-maligned response towards the Gulf oil crisis has been correctly attributed to red-tape and bureaucracy. But we should not overlook the recent evidence indicating that President Obama’s political posturing and constituent-pleasing are making matters worse. The concern is that President Obama has been complying with the wishes […]