Statewide Candidate Spending by Category

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Media, advertising and related production: $4.4 million

Consultants and payroll: $1.3 million

Fundraising: $769,833

Polling and focus groups: $508,624

Mail, postage, invites, shipping and related: $431,788

Signs, printing, push cards, stickers, hats, t-shirts and promotional goods: $350,017

Political donations: $282,820

Utilities, telecommunications and cell services: $235,648

Travel, hotels, auto and parking: $153,973

Web, software, hosting, technical support and the like: $128,906

Office supplies, rent, equipment, storage and cleaning: $113,037

Research: $106,249

Compliance, accountants, legal representation, ethics fines and transaction fees: $78,151

Meals, beverages, galas and luncheons: $41,631

Other: $23,715

Charitable donations: $13,045

Associations and subscriptions: $1,065

Gifts and flowers: $4,542

SOURCE: Louisiana Ethics Administration, based on reports filed between Jan. 1, 2011, to Oct. 15, 2011.