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Transparency in the News

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The issue of transparency continues to gain traction. I recommend two brief and informative articles, one from the Economist and the other from the Atlantic Monthly. Gov. Jindal clearly appreciates the significance of increased transparency. LaTrac is in its early stages, but I believe it will continue to develop into […]

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State Employee Salary Database

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The Times-Picayune has posted a searchable database of state employee salaries. This has been done without fanfare but I suspect it will become a very popular site. Ever wonder how many state employees earn six-figure salaries? Or what a college volleyball coach gets paid? Answers to these thorny questions and […]


Welcome to The Pelican Post!

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The Pelican Post is the blog of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy. Our focus is on policy and politics in Louisiana, with an occasional detour into food, music and whatever else strikes our fancy. The Pelican Institute is a non-profit research and education institution that conducts scholarly research and […]