Money Each Statewide Candidate Spent Per Voter

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Incumbent Governor Bobby Jindal (R)

SPENT: $5.8 million

VOTES: 673,239

PER VOTE: $8.61

Lieutenant Governor candidate Billy Nungesser (R)

SPENT: $1.6 million

VOTES: 445,049

PER VOTE:  $3.59

Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne (R)

SPENT: $545,905

VOTES: 504,541

PER VOTE:  $1.08

Incumbent Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon (R)

SPENT: $633,800

VOTES: 651,559

PER VOTE: .97 cents

Secretary of State candidate Jim Tucker (R)

SPENT: $249,971

VOTES: 441,170

PER VOTE: .56 cents

Incumbent Secretary of State Tom Schedler (R)

SPENT: $143,719*

VOTES: 449,616

PER VOTE: .31 cents

Governor candidate Tara Hollis (D)

SPENT: $37,671

VOTES: 182,925

PER VOTE: .20 cents

Incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain (R)

SPENT: $126,700

VOTES: 640,886

PER VOTE: .19 cents

Insurance Commissioner candidate Donald Hodge (D)

SPENT: $9,750

VOTES: 314,417

PER VOTE: .3 cents

SOURCE: Louisiana Ethics Administration, based on expenditures listed by the campaigns in their reports from Jan. 1, 2011, to Nov. 3, 2011.

*Schedler’s campaign was the only statewide outfit that did not have an election day spending report on file with the ethics administration. Election Day reports were due Nov. 1.