Articles written by: Jennifer Moreale

Budget / Labor

California’s Failure a Lesson for Other States

In a previous blog post we noted that public-sector unions impose higher labor costs, increase public debt, and lower the state’s management quality. The end result of the growth of public sector unions can be seen in California. A member of California’s Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was recorded saying […]


TSA’s Conflict Of Interest

Reason Foundation’s director of transportation policy Robert Poole offers a compelling argument for reforming airline security. His argument focuses on the conflicts of interest faced by the Transportation Security Administration. Established after 9/11, the TSA is a federal agency having both the job of screening passengers and baggage at airports […]

Health Care

A Reality Check On ObamaCare

Would you like to read an excessively optimistic view on health care reform? Sen. Mary Landrieu’s op-ed highlights what she believes to be the greatest ObamaCare achievements, praising the full coverage of Louisiana’s children, young adults, and seniors. Claiming that “congress has finally delivered meaningful health care coverage to all […]


Meatless Mondays on Nanny State Menu

It seems that many government officials believe that their responsibilities include determining how people should live their lives. They try to influence people’s preferences and behavior by determining what foods people should eat, what activities they should engage in, and what should be allowed to transpire in privately owned restaurants […]


Public Sector Unions Should Not Receive Preferential Treatment

Unionized government workers now outnumber unionized workers in the private sector. What does this mean for taxpayers? Dr. Daniel D’Amico of Loyola University points out, “with collective contracts it is difficult to maintain good incentives for individual job performance.” In other words, better workers get the same wage as lower […]