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U.S. Senators Against Free Speech

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19 Senate Democrats attempt to intimidate free-market groups over policy disagreements

Earlier this week, 19 Senate Democrats took the floor in an attempt to publicly shame approximately 30 free-markets organizations for their policy positions, specifically on the issue of climate change.

While the Pelican Institute for Public Policy was not targeted, we are still alarmed that United States Senators would abuse their power by browbeating independent policy organizations for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech – a right these government officials should be defending.

The right to free speech allows individuals and organizations – including think tanks, foundations, trade associations and private companies – to advocate for or against policies and political causes. While reasonable people can disagree on many important issues, we all benefit from a lively public square where facts and opinions can be shared without fear of government recourse.

When elected officials ignore these rights and punish those who voice opinions that are different from their own, a core principle of the American Experiment is threatened.

The Pelican Institute for Public Policy joined 21 other free-market organizations in signing a letter addressed to the senators explaining our concerns with their actions. The letter can be read by clicking here.

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  • american121

    Democrats today are Communists and those putting Democrats in office are Communism’s Useful Idiots.

    Republicans aren’t much better as they are Socialists; one step away from Communism or Fascism.

    That’s why neither Party support Donald Trump!

    I support Donald Trump and you should as well, that is if you are a Liberty Minded individual.