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Garland Robinette Talks Criminal Justice Reform with Pelican Institute

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Pelican President, Kevin Kane, advocates approaches adopted successfully by other states

NEW ORLEANS, La. –  With ranging prison reform pending in Louisiana, Garland Robinette of New Orleans WWL Radio invited Kevin Kane on to explain the legislation. Click below to listen – 33 minutes.

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As the world’s leading incarcerator, Kane believes the state is in dire need of reform, and he says there are many already-proven approaches available. The proposed reforms he referred to come out of the Louisiana Sentencing Commission, which had a wide variety in local and national participants, including the Pew Center on the States and the Vera Institute of Justice.

With this interview and other public appearances, the Pelican Institute has signalled its support for the Right on Crime initiative. Right on Crime seeks to bring “law-and-order” conservatives on board with reforms with the potential to reduce crime, incarceration, and save money.

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  • Thank God the Supreme Court upheld the constitution concerning California packing its prisoners in like cattle at feedlots. We need to stop stealing our children’s education to pay for failed criminal justice and incarceration.

    The Donovan prison in San Diego found a way to save lots and lots of money.

    Their rehab, drug, and education programs reduced their recidivism rate from 70%! to 21%. Not only did the programs save salvageable lives, and the cost of so many ex-offenders returning to prison, but most important they reduced new 
    crime and new victims. 

    Using faulty logic and false economy funding for the programs was almost eliminated, How many new crimes would have been prevented if that decision had not been made? 

    By the way, Those convicted of murder are the least likely to recomit a crime once released.


    Who profits from failed criminal justice and horrifically overcrowded prisons that are bankrupting states across the nation? 

    District attorneys and prosecutors who are promoted for winning cases and harsh sentences at any cost; 

    Tough-on-crime scare tactic politicians hoping for votes; 

    Guard employee unions; 

    For-profit-contract-bed-privatized-corporation prisons that profit not from reforming people, but when the recidivism rate goes up; 

    Parole department in California where everyone released is on parole; 

    Three strikes law that sends people to prison for 25+ years over petty crimes such as stealing a pizza; 

    The bail bond industry that benefits from unnecessary criminal justice practices that increase incarceration; 

    Rigged line-ups that get faulty convictions and promotions; 

    Increased recidivism from the requirement to check prior-arrest/conviction boxes on employment, government, and rental applications for those who have been crime-free for years; 

    Serving high carb, low protein food that hurts prisoners health and requires more spending on contracted medical services;

    Private companies that protest when prisons try to contract out prisoner labor which increases job skills and self worth;

    The list goes on….