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Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Roll Out Louisiana Campaign

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We can be “tough on crime and the bottom line,” says Right on Crime

BATON ROUGE, La. – Right on Crime, an openly conservative initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, has launched a campaign for criminal justice reform in Louisiana. Citing Louisiana’s incarceration rate, the nation’s highest, and the need for fiscal restraint, Right on Crime held a telephone press conference on Thursday to promote its policies.

“One in every 55 adults in Louisiana is in prison,” said Kevin Kane, president of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy and a participant in the press conference. “Clearly, it’s time to demand results from our criminal justice system – results that include increased public safety, decreased recidivism, and responsible spending. Right on Crime’s road-map is what the Bayou State needs to get our criminal justice system back on track.”

A reduction in recidivism is the central focus of Right on Crime’s initiative, as “both a moral imperative and a requirement for public safety,” reads the website. The initiative also emphasizes the role of victims, since they have a greater incentive than public officials to see that restitution occurs.

Click here to to listen to the Right on Crime press conference, and here for an overview of the Louisiana campaign.

Fergus Hodgson is the capitol bureau reporter with the Pelican Institute for Public Policy. He can be contacted at fhodgson@pelicaninstitute.org, and one can follow him on twitter.


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  • Anonymous

    It has also emphasized the role of victim, because they have greater incentive than public officials to see restitution occurred.

  • The proposition of improving our criminal justice system primarily through prison reform is wrong for a number of reasons. Most important of these is the fact that the premise for reform is faulty. Our criminal justice system DOES NOT rely too much on incarceration.

    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) at the end of 2009 our country had 7,225,800 individuals under correctional supervision. Of this number 2,284,913 were in prison or jail while 5,023,275 were on community supervision (also called community corrections). This means that about 70% of our correctional population is on some type of “alternative” sentence rather that in prison or jail. Probation alone with 4,203,967 individuals under supervision makes up the major portion of the community corrections population. One could say that in this country incarceration IS an alternative sentence.If the goal of Right on Crime and other likeminded organizations is to shift the number of people in prison into alternative community supervision programs; Mission accomplished! Fixing our criminal justice system will require more than merely reshuffling bodies or altering sentencing.

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  • This is the most corrupt group of Officials I have ever seen in my life! These guys are salivating to get there hands on hundreds of millions of dollars but they do NOTHING to curb violent crime! Our prisons are full already and these clown…s continue to write meaningless Laws in an attempt to mislead and trick the people of Louisiana into believing that they have a handle on crime! They do not. We are broke here and these power hungry, corrupted lawyers find ways to get the remaining treasure that we have left in Louisiana! Governors Jindal’s lates crime intitiative had NOTHING to do with violent crime. These organized criminals in the Louisiana Government are demanding hundreds of millions of dollars for little more than cell phone law enforcement! I will expose these men for the fraudsters and organized gangsters that they really are. These guys just flock down here to Louisiana to beat up and intimidate a poor and destitute State. If it’s not a violent crime initiative get it the hell out of our face! We’ve got to stop letting our Elected Officials squeeze the coffers of our precious Bayou State. The Louisiana Legislature just wrote damn near 300 new Laws!!! Now everybody is wondering where they are going to get the cheese for their greasy ass corrupted palms. I challenge the media to find out just how much of this money is going to combat VIOLENT CRIME! I live here to you clowns. I will make sure that you guys are weakened politically so that we can take this State back from you tyrants! Steve Spell II http://www.demlegalscents.com


  • Criminal justice system are very important and beneficial for providing you the  right justice for you. The advocates of these justice system started a Campaign to control the rates of crime rates and for the public safety. Great work.!!

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  • bower james

    Crime rate of pelican adults are high, i hope government should take great measures against it.

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